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European Comission Sixth Framework Programme Project "IYTE-Wireless"

As of May 2005, the project titled "Developing Wireless Communication Networks and Multimedia Research Centre" (acronym "IYTE-Wireless"; contract no: 017442), an EU Sixth Framework Programme Specific Support Action, officially started at our centre. The budget of the "IYTE-Wireless" project is 750000 Euros covering the period of May 2005 until April 2008. The call, from which we have received successful evaluation and grant, was FP6-ACC-2004-SSA-2. The contract (no 017442) has been duly signed by INCO Research Directorate and IYTE President Prof. Semra ULKU in April 2005.

 The main objective of this project is to strengthen and increase research capabilities of the Wireless Communication Networks and Multimedia Research Centre (IYTE Wireless Centre) of İzmir Institute of Technology (IYTE) towards an internationally recognised, state-of-the-art research and education centre contributing at all levels of higher education. The foreseen benefits of the project are immediate increase in the competency level in research and development capability of the Centre; providing state-of-the-art research experience to some postgraduate students, providing them with equipment and an environment where they will have access to leading scientists in Europe and elsewhere in their respective fields; strengthen the collaboration capability on research projects with EU based institutions; ability to exchange researchers between the Centre and leading European Institutions; provide transfer of technology into regional industries, and increased participation in EU-FP projects.

The project consists of six workpackages, each of which is aimed for a specific goal.

This project is coordinated by the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of İzmir Institute of Technology.


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