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Researcher Exchange, Lecture Series, Brokerage Events, and Young Scientist Invitation Program

The main objective of this workpackage is to establish, facilitate and monitor researcher exchange and invited lecture series program at the Wireless Centre, and to create employment opportunities for young researchers in the key competency areas and emerging technologies in our field of research. Every year we are expecting to have, on the average , 6 visitors from EU to IYTE, and 6 researchers from IYTE to visit EU institutions to collaborate on research, to write joint project proposals, and give short term lectures. Moreover we are expecting to hire 3 young researchers within the next 36 months.
There will be three tracks of lecture series related with our key competency areas of research, and each lecture track will provide the recent advances and ideas that will help define the challenges and provide solutions to the fundamental research problems as well as emerging technologies in their respective fields. Lecturers will be selected and invited from the most prominent advanced institutions and research centres from Europe and associated countries. These three tracks are:

  1. Advanced Signal Processing/Coding Algorithms and Systems for Wireless Communications and Information Processing
  2. Circuits, Devices and Antennas for Wireless Systems
  3. Protocols and Architectures for Wireless/Mobile Networks

For each track, we will promote the IYTE Wireless Centre of Excellence of ERA and inform potential young scientists about open positions in emerging wireless technologies.
We will organize three or four brokerage events during the second half the project. The preliminary purpose of these events is to provide a collaborative environment in sharing and exchanging ideas, with the ultimate purpose of having Turkish and other European scientists preparing joint EU-FP proposals.

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